Flavoured strawberry water

Flavoured water

For some time, flavoured water has been a constant part of every meeting I organise at home for my family or friends.

Strawberry and lime water
Flavoured strawberry water

The very idea of ​​flavoured water appealed to so many of them, that now when I visit them for “coffee” they always have flavoured water on the table as well 🙂 They even say that they have learned how to make flavoured water from me.

During the summer you can splurge as there is a huge amount of fruits available. During wintertime you can also make do by using frozen fruits.

Home-made flavoured water will be a delight not only for adults but also for children who often don’t like plain water and prefer something with a taste.

My favourite one is strawberry-flavored water.

Try making this water at home, create your own variations by using your favourite fruits and surprise your friends.

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Ingredients for making strawberry flavoured water.

  • 10 mint leaves
  • 10 fresh strawberries
  • 1/2 of lime
  • still water
  • a few ice cubes in the end
Strawberry and lime water with ice
Flavoured strawberry water

How to make flavoured water.

Wash the strawberries. Cut them into pieces of different size. Put them into a decorative water bottle.

Cut lime into rings and also put it in the bottle. Add mint leaves as well.

Pour still water on the fruits. If it is warm, it is worth adding a few ice cubes.

Water with ice
Flavoured strawberry water

Good to know when making strawberry-flavoured water.

Personally, I do not drink carbonated drinks – this also applies to water. I used still water but if you want, you can use sparkling water.

Once prepared, the water should be set aside for 10 to 15 minutes before serving. The fruits soften up and their juice will mix with the water, giving it a really fruity and refreshing taste.

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