Gingerbread cake

Gingerbread is one of those traditional cakes I really like.

It being full of aroma and spices makes everyone want to eat it.

Delicious gingerbread cake on the basis of black tea

There are a lot of gingerbread cake recipes. In the future I will share with you some of the others I know.

The recipe for today is for one of those cakes, which are easy to prepare. As for the ingredients used, they are not very refined.

This does not mean that the cake is not tasty, but rather the opposite. At home we all love this kind of gingerbread cake.

If you decide to try this recipe, I encourage you to share your photos in the Comment section.

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Bon Appetit 🙂

Delicious gingerbread cake on the basis of black tea

Ingredients You need to make gingerbread.

  • 3 cups of plain flour
  • 1 cup of sunflower oil
  • 3/4 cup of honey (I used liquid, genuine acacia honey)
  • 1 cup of strong black tea
  • 1 cup of brown Muscovado sugar
  • 2 teaspoons of baking soda
  • 3 teaspoons of gingerbread spice mixture
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 tablespoon of cocoa
  • a pinch of salt
Delicious gingerbread cake on the basis of black tea

How to prepare gingerbread cake.

The preparation of the cake should start by brewing the tea, because when it is added at a later stage to the remaining ingredients it should already be cold.

Mix egg yolks with sugar in a bowl with an electric mixer until they become a fine mixture – it should take about five minutes.

When the mix is ready, gradually add honey and then oil, while continuing mixing. Next add the tea, but not at once – add it gently and in small quantities.

Sift the flour, soda, gingerbread spice mixture and cocoa in a separate bowl. Add these to the wet ingredients. Keep mixing. Whisk egg whites with a pinch of salt in a separate bowl. Then, add the beaten egg whites to the cake mixture.

Place the cake in a mold lined in with baking paper. Pour the cake in the mold. Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for an hour and ten minutes.

Once ready, the cake can be decorated with chocolate and sprinkled with colorful sprinkles.

Delicious gingerbread cake on the basis of black tea


Delicious gingerbread cake on the basis of black tea

What You need to know when making the cake.

The baking mold can be covered with margarine and dusted with breadcrumbs. In such a case, you do not need to use paper.

For my cake I used a round-shaped mold with a hole in the middle. You can use any form, however, make sure it is large enough. The diameter of the mold I used is twenty-eight centimeters.

If you like raisins and walnuts you can add them to this cake.

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