Tomatoes stuffed with feta cheese

Cherry tomatoes stuffed with feta

Cherry tomatoes are small tomatoes that are perfect for salads, tarts, sauces and soups. They look great and they improve the presentation of many dishes.

The combination of tomatoes and basil is a delicious one, known for a long time and it can be found mainly in soups and sauces. This time, I used this combination in a cold appetiser and I also added feta cheese to it.

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Feta cheese stuffed tomatoes
Tomatoes stuffed with feta

Ingredients for stuffed tomatoes.

  • 25 dag of cherry tomatoes
  • a bunch of basil
  • 10 dag feta cheese

How to make stuffed tomatoes.

Wash the tomatoes, cut off their top and remove the seeds and the pulp.

Put the feta cheese in a bowl, add finely chopped basil and blend it.

Fill each tomato with feta and basil. Cool in the fridge.

Tomatoes stuffed with feta cheese
Stuffed tomatoes


Good to know when making feta stuffed tomatoes.

Cut off only a small piece of the top of the tomatoes, just enough to be able to easily extract their seeds and pulp.

If you chop the basil very finely, there is no need to blend it with the cheese.

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